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“Life isn’t one size fits all. Neither is your child’s education.

Learn how to teach your child, your way.”

- Bohemian Academics

Bohemian Academics is a K-5 Education Consultancy.

We offer digital courses, virtual classes, and private consulting in the areas of k-2 literacy, k-5 homeschool, and grief education for children and families.

We also offer grief education consulting for school districts and organizations. If you are interested in this service, email with the subject line “grief education consulting”.

Get started by selecting the product or service that best fits your current need.

Bohemian Academics

Virtual Classes: K-2 Literacy

We offer virtual classes, also known as “tutoring”, for K-2 literacy: reading, writing, and language arts.

Our packages include 4 classes, with each class being 30 minutes in length.

Once you pay for your child’s virtual classes, you will receive an email confirmation within 24-hours.

The email confirmation will include a link to schedule first class and an Intake Form.

On the intake form, you will select which area of literacy you want us to focus on during the class: reading, writing, or language arts.

We will only focus on one area in each class.

You may select the same area for the subsequent classes.

The Intake Form must be completed prior to class. This will help us to prepare for class and better serve your learner.

Book your “Virtual Classes” package below.

Homeschool Strategy Session

This is a 1-hour strategy session where you will receive educated and experienced help creating your personalized homeschool program.

During the session, we will focus and strategize on:

  • Homeschool State Laws

  • Homeschool Accountability

  • Homeschool Best Practices

  • Homeschool Daily Schedule

  • Homeschool Record Keeping

  • Homeschool Models & Styles

  • Homeschool Mindset & Lifestyle

  • Homeschool Teaching Strategies

  • Homeschool Curriculum & Resources

Note: Once you pay for your session, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to schedule your session.

Book your “Homeschool Strategy Session” Below:


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